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About Us

The idea for vinylclocks.ca

Thanks for checking out vinylclocks.ca, your source for one-of-a-kind handmade vinyl clocks delivered across Canada and the United States. All our clocks are assembled by hand in Montreal using authentic vintage records, we test all units to ensure proper operation before being delivered, and just as important – we package all vinyl clocks with care to withstand the shipping process.

We feel that as technology sweeps up from one day to the next it’s easy for the simple things to pass us by in favour of touch screens and flashing lights – few things remain as timeless (pun intended?) as a classic wall mounted clock. We take it a step further by creating our clocks on vintage vinyl records, another format lost in the ages that has thankfully seen a resurgence in popularity recently.

You may ask yourself “why ruin a perfectly good record?” and our answer is: we don’t! All of our vinyl clocks can still be played if you remove the mechanism, but wheres the fun in that?! vinylclocks.ca breathes new life into the records we use and preserves them for a lifetime on display, not tucked away in a dingy closet or left unsold and unappreciated in a used record shop.

What better way to show off your favourite band, remember your first song, or be inspired in your jam space with a vinyl clock made from some of the most popular artist and biggest bands of all time? Plus they are assembled with love (and a bit of fun) in hipster beatnik central; Montreal! Did we mention we also make these wicked cool keychains made from .45 RPM spacers, and one comes free with every clock.

We only use brand new – high quality Quartz clock mechanisms to ensure our clocks run smoothly and accurately. These new movements work virtually noise free without the tick-tock noise found in other clocks and are made in the United States. All clocks are tested for 24-48 hours to ensure accurate operation.

vinylclocks.ca accepts most major credit cards and PayPal. We use Expedited Shipping with Canada Post to deliver our clocks anywhere in the country (most East Coast orders receive next day).

– vinylclocks.ca