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Pink Floyd<br>Obscured By Clouds<br>12" Vinyl Clock
Pink Floyd<br>Obscured By Clouds<br>12" Vinyl Clock
Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds - Handmade Authentic Vinyl Clock Using Original LP Record

Pink Floyd
Obscured By Clouds
12" Vinyl Clock

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Pink Floyd's soundtrack to the film, The Valley, or if you are french, La Vallee. This is actually the 4th film they produced music for, and had a big hit Free Four in the States. Turns out the cover is an out of focus shot of a man sitting in a tree...

Ok, we see it now...

Includes vinyl clock, AA Duracell/Energizer battery, original album cover & handmade 45RPM spacer keychain.

Add a frame to showcase the album cover with your clock for only $15! We're very excited to have found these lightweight black frames with a glass cover that are specially designed to protect the album cover that comes with your clock! Please select the upgraded shipping method (additional $5 for CDN orders, $12.50 for U.S.A orders) when adding a frame to your order to cover the additional shipping and handling costs for the frame.